>> Why am I a doula?

Birth can be beautiful. Women should feel honored and respected as laboring mothers and the process of having a baby can be a positive transformational experience. I see pregnancy and birth as a normal process. I believe that the human body is truly amazing and I love to help women tune in and connect with their bodies throughout pregnancy and during their birthing time. To learn from women, their instincts and the power of our bodies is one of many great joys of being a doula. 

I've seen first hand the difference education and preparation can make for expectant families. Helping parents navigate the many decisions they face before having a baby is just one of my roles. My goal is to educate parents and assist them without judgement so that they are able to have a positive birth experience, however they choose to define it. 

My background as a massage therapist informs my support as a doula in many ways. I have extensive training in anatomy and physiology as well as subtle body mindfulness, which allows me to tune into the needs of a laboring woman with ease and clarity. Much of the support a doula provides is deeply intuitive and I feel truly fortunate to have foundational practice with energetic awareness. 

I've served families at San Diego hospitals, birth centers and at home births. I am experienced with Hypnobirthing, Birthing From Within and the Bradley Method. I am always learning and growing as a birth worker, attending workshops and educational conferences as often as possible. Since becoming a doula, I've decided to take my service to expectant families to the next level by becoming a Licensed Midwife. After enrolling at National Midwifery Institute, I began my apprenticeship as a student-midwife in January 2014. Please click here to learn more.

One month postpartum visit with sweet baby Freya.

Taryn's Blessingway Ceremony.

>> More about me:

I grew up in a small and beautiful mountain town in northern Arizona. From there, I lived in the southeastern United States doing a year of Americorps service. It was in that year that I realized how deeply I love doing work with the purpose of serving others and making positive change in the world, no matter how small. I moved to Missoula, Montana where I spent my time backpacking, floating beautiful rivers and getting my BA in Environmental Studies & Wilderness Studies. From the Northern Rockies I moved south to New Mexico where I attended the Santa Fe School of Massage. In 2010 I landed in San Diego and decided it was finally time to begin my doula training, something I'd been dreaming of for years. San Diego's vibrant birth community has served as a huge inspiration for me and I've felt tremendously fortunate to work among some of the most caring, dedicated and wise birth professionals imaginable. The families who allow me to be with them during one of the most precious times of their lives each truly hold a special place in my heart.  When I'm not attending births, you may find me hiking with my pup Zia, building furniture, indulging in San Diego's amazing food and beer or sewing from my collection of vintage textiles.