Big News!

I am happy to announce I have joined Andrea Meyer, LM, CPM at Ocean Midwives as a senior midwifery apprentice. I am learning an incredible amount from Andrea every day. The knowledge and love she gives to families is truly an inspiration to me and I feel so fortunate to be a part of her team. While I am still providing non-medical support as a doula outside of Ocean Midwives, this is my opportunity to put my studies to work and act as a primary home birth midwife with the support and guidance of a very experienced and wise woman. 

Bigger news: Ocean Midwives is currently offering a student rate of $3,500 for a home birth package for anyone interested in using yours truly as their midwife. This includes all of your prenatal care, your birth at home and all of your postpartum visits with our team. If you're interested in talking about midwifery care for your pregnancy, please call us at (760) 436-9166 or visit Ocean Midwives.

Curious about home birth? 

*Disclaimer: This video contains images of women giving birth, which naturally includes the birthday suites of both mother and baby. 

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