>> Do what with my placenta?

Your placenta is a generous organ! It has been nourishing both you and your baby for the last nine months and it can continue to nurture you in those first precious weeks of your baby's life. If you choose to encapsulate your placenta, the placenta will be gently steamed and dehydrated. It will then be ground into powder and put into capsules. All of this takes place according to OSHA and Food Safety Handling Standards using sterile techniques in a sanitary work space. Turnaround time is usually less than 24 hours so that you can begin enjoying the results within the first full day of your baby's life. I take care of the pick up and delivery, all you need to do is inform your health care provider of your wishes.

>> Why encapsulate?

More and more mothers are choosing to ingest their placenta, whether it be in pill form, tincture or frozen raw portions that can be added to smoothies. I talk to many mothers who did not encapsulate for their first birth and felt a huge difference after consuming their placenta for their second birth. I encourage you to research placentophagia for yourself to see how it can ease your transition to motherhood.

Potential benefits of placenta consumption:

    >> Prevents and lessens the risk of "baby blues" by balancing hormones

    >> Enhances milk supply

    >> Increases energy by replenishing iron and B vitamins 

    >> Shortens postpartum bleeding


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